Millennial Boomer Divide

Been watching this article play out in real life for about a decade. Older generations out for more and more financial gain to the detriment of youth will result in a third world America faster than any hyped derivative of a deadly cold ever will. Just last week I heard my third, very financially stable boomer tell me they thought of retiring this year but “didn’t know what (they) would do”. How about get out of the workforce so some recent college grads can get some real work experience? Very few generations prior to those born before 1965 had “all about me” on free flow. Just ask any one of them how they vote, the answer always has something to do with their money. This is the generational divide, and younger voters being pushed out of the economy will vote against Boomer cash. In about a month we’ll going to see it happen. This election cycle is about more social issues than financial, to the detriment of Republicans. A lot can be avoided if we want to talk about profits and returns to shareholders that are causing major social issues, like healthcare.

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