I HATE the word Yummy

yummy.jpgForgive this blatant rant but this word has been bothering me for a few years since it became trendy again. I don’t know why and I can’t explain it. I can’t stand to read it or have it go through my head for any reason. I can’t tolerate typing it and God forbid I’m ever forced to say it. It’s appearing more and more frequently and I can’t escape it. Arrrrggggg!!!

It’s a slack, uncreative replacement for “delicious”.  I wish the resurgence of this word propagated by soccer moms would go back to the late 50’s where it came from. What’s next?  Should I be on the look out for “swell”. And then there’s the whole Yummy Mummy thing. What, MILF was too disturbing for the PC crowd so they found something kid safe to describe hot moms? You know who you are.

It’s bad enough when soccer moms invoke the word “yummy” in any context but  professionals reviewing recipes should avoid it like the kiss of death. Any adult male who dares use the word deserves to be castrated for the greater good. It’s just not allowed. I’m warning ya, don’t do it or I’ll buy you a pink tutu and a tricycle and force you to ride it down I-540 at 4:30 on a Thursday afternoon. You will also be required to wear a sign everywhere for three months that says “Yummy Twinkle Boy”.

There you have it, my least favorite word to resurrect itself from the days of Ozzie and Harriet. Isn’t that swell?

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1 month ago

Like the rest of you, I just googled “i hate when people say yummy” just to see if others are out there that agree with me. Well, glad I found you because I freaking can’t stand that word. Some pompous chick left numerous traveladvisor reviews on restaurants and blasted an awesome restaurant I went to in Aruba and then she used “yummy” to describe other restaurants she preferred. My mother-in-law just used yummy in a text the other day to report back to the family while she was out of town. I can’t stand her anyway, to begin with, then she uses “yummy”. Omg. Gonna scratch my eyes out!!! Ahhhhh! (just kidding, of course)

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