Oh ya! SPS Commerce is operating “in the red”. Losing over $1 for every $100 in sales!

And it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving batch of E-Commerce ignorance. I guess their vendor-ransom model isn’t working out like it used to yet they continue to increase executive compensation. Gangstas gonna get paid first right? Even if they aren’t making sales. This is a great win for the vendors in the supply chain world wide. May SPS Commerce wither and die as investors who know nothing about EDI continue to be boondoggled by these charlatans with their maniacal business model. They are a plague upon the supply chain and I could post even more, new communications with SPS that would leave many who truly know about EDI shaking their head. Incompetence and in-effective document testing continue to rule their days and yes SPS, I have the proof. Just stop undermining the E-Commerce industry with your practices and incompetent technicians and you may stave off the inevitable. I also won’t be removing any more comments on this site posted by your former employees who attest to your failures first hand. Sounds like everyone’s catching on to you. It was inevitable.

Seeking Alpha says “Avoid” SPSC: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4164342-sps-commerce-avoid

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