Chick-fil-A’s business accumen is pathetic.

I haven’t commented one time about this Chick-fil-A mess. I’ve considered a ridiculous display of social stigma from both sides but I’ve decided to comment on the business side of the drama: Financial support and appreciation for business causes are usually momentary. Boycotts tend to stick around. While these restaurants might be experiencing a short term revenue increase because of the demographic attention, over time they will most likely see a revenue decrease per location because of an ideological statement.

Of course the CEO of Chick-fil-A is free to say anything he wants about gays, lesbians, marriage. I don’t recall hearing anyone say he wasn’t free to speak his mind despite the outpouring to “support his freedom” to say what he believes. Why didn’t other enterprise business owners and CEO’s join his chorus if they believe the same? Because they are smarter business people. Nothing smokes of business smarts like offending an entire segment of society while using your brand as a soap box. It was the dumbest business move I’ve seen in a while. Smart executives leave the corporate ideological relationships to the media.

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