We need jobs now.

As long as we continue to hemorrhage jobs there will be no economic recovery.  For all the talk about economic stimulus and job creation there is little or no talk about creating financial incentives that will allow companies to keep workers.  Businesses can cut employees in a heartbeat to maintain revenues or stave off losses.  And they will.  Those positions rarely, if ever, return.

Without political intervention to create financial incentives fro comapnies to keep workers the cuts will continue until we are a nation of unemployed.  We don’t need to just look at ways to create “new jobs” that people are unqualified to fill.  We need to find an immediate way to let people keep their current positions.  No one seems to be interested in including this in the agenda if it creates even the slightest hardship on companies to find a way to keep their workers.  It’s an easy out and they’ll take it every time, especially if there’s no embarrassment because all other companies are doing it.

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