Time to go shopping.

Little PumpkinWe just realized this morning that Connor only has two or three long sleeve shirts and Logan’s only got about four long sleeve sleepers. Amy put him in his pumpkin costume this morning ecause nothing else was clean. I’m thinking we’ll go to the Mortex factory outlet but I’m not sure that’s the best place for baby stuff. Connor needs a sweat suit too.

I’m having a hard time getting Logan health insurance because of his size. For some reason the underwriter’s can’t comprehend a 27 lb. six month old and classify him as obese. Never mind he’s already 24 inches tall. The boy’s are healthier than I ever was.

Next up - NascarI think I’m going to try to find a riding lawn mower on Craigslist today. I haven’t decided if I’m gonna buy one, just gonna look for now. Aside from new jobs, all the recent birthday parties and laundry there’s not much going on at our house. And I didn’t win the lottery last night either. But don’t worry, that announcement’s coming some day.

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