IBM didn’t take too long.

That was a nice, intermediate escape from Pack-Rat.  Now I’m on to bigger and better things.  Tomorrow I’m starting what I hope is going to be a long term relationship with the American Kennel Club.  I don’t project this to be an endless series of institutional meetings with little outcome as I experienced at IBM.  Good luck to all the contractors I worked with in Big Blue’s Network Sevices Division.  I hope you all find yourselves a home at AT&T.  Surprisingly most of you seem to be looking forward to it.

I really like the folks I met with at the AKC last week.  It appears there are some Netbackup issues in-house that will be first on my list once I get my bearings in the environment.  I also get to help move another data center in this new post.  There’s plenty of VMWare, Exchange and other technologies to keep me disecting the technology profile for a couple of months at the least.  And finally I’ll be in an environment again without prejudice toward Unix like OS’s.  Most of the time this “prejudice” is no more than lack of experience administering the technology and IT managers that don’t understand the difference between a carriage return that is constructed of one vs. two acsii characters or why it matters.

For today I’m going in search of a new WordPress editor.  One that makes it easier to upload and orient photos inside a post.  It’s time this became a photo blog again.

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