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Classless networks are in style. It’s just basic subnetting.

In Binary Net Masking each Octet contains exponential bits from right to left:

1     1   1   1   1 1 1 1
128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 (128+64+32+16+8+4+2+1=255)

So.. in binary is
11111111. 11111111. 11111000. 00000000 = /21 (we’ll get to the identifier in a minute)

255-248 = 7
Therefore – supports 7 networks per subnet
255 – 248 = 7 networks

Or supports

The next subnet supports another 7 networks.

So where does the /21 identifier come from?

All net mask identifiers start at /32 and go down.
32-21 = 11 mask bits
Count the zeroes in the Binary Mask!

11111111. 11111111. 11111000. 00000000 = /21
11111111. 11111111. 11110000. 00000000 = /20 (32-20 = 12 mask bits)

What’s the full net mask for the /20 identifier above?

1     1   1   1   1 1 1 1
128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 (8+4+2+1=15)

/20 = because 25515 = 240


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What has Facebook become?

When considering the deletion or deactivation of a Facebook account you will ask yourself, what do I need here? What do I expect? Well here’s what you won’t get from Facebook anymore:

  • Genuine interaction with people you actually know.  In fact many you know in your day to day life don’t follow you on Facebook.  Instead you are posting to a group of relatives or those who’ve found commonality in your political opinions, drama in personal life or shared interests.
  • Advertising that is relevant to you.  Facebook is now saturated with ads that are straight scams.  It’s more dangerous to buy from an ad on Facebook than almost any other website including eBay and others saturated with Chinese knock-offs.
  • Interaction with your children or grandchildren.  Almost anyone under 20 is not on Facebook.  They hate it.  This is good.  Don’t encourage them.

What Facebook has become is a haven for drama.  Old ladies and single moms pouring their desperation into heart felt memes and re-posted articles for attention.  At least a lot of the pout lip selfies from single women who mostly deserve to be single have subsided.  They’re learning, desperation and scorn pity is not attractive.

Now I admit on a rare occasion someone posts something on Facebook that is of interest.  It’s usually as simple as an event notice or sports highlight.  It’s certainly not worth 2 hours a day to any guy.  But women can’t put it away.  They enjoy what has become a platform for prying into the drama of each others lives.  Seeking sympathy and calls for “prayers” with vague bullshit posts like “Call for prayers, not sure how I’m going to make it through the latest” followed by a bunch of comments with little prayer hands clapped together and 40+ “Likes”.

Meanwhile a friend wins a half marathon and barely gets 10 “Likes”.  Why?  Because people genuinely don’t like to see others succeed.  Unless it’s some vague fem movement or cause or success then the “Likes” roll in.  But a genuine accomplishment, hell no.  That makes people feel pathetic about themselves because truth is, hate it or not, most people are indeed lazy, predictable and boring with a false sense of being entitled or deserving.  Don’t tread on this illusion.  Prop the lies they tell themselves for self-relevance and be “Liked”.

This, without any sugar on top is what facebook has become: A perpetuating platform of delusion and self-pity.

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This week in on the Magnificent Mile, downtown Chicago.

This week in on the Magnificent Mile, downtown Chicago.

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Westgate in Phoenix is what North Hills wants to be when it grows up.

Westgate in Phoenix is what North Hills wants to be when it grows up.

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Red Hydrogen One Ti pre-order customers will get a free Aluminum Hydrogen One

Anyone who pre-ordered a titanium Red Hydrogen One will get a free Aluminum model since the Ti have proven difficult to manufacturer.  They will also receive the Ti model they ordered once they start shipping.  Personally I’ve got to wait for the aluminum model to be available through Verizon and AT&T on Nov. 9th.  I haven’t been this curious about a phone in a while.  Especially interested in the camera.

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eBikes are an admission of weakness. Yes, only weak people ride eBikes.

There’s your answer.  That’s about as simple as it gets.  If you’ve finally made the decision to buy and ride an eBike you have no choice but to accept why you did:

  1. You’re lazy.
  2. You’re out of shape.
  3. You have a physical condition you cry about and use as an excuse.
  4. You’re a lazy commuter. Note; Commuting is almost the only excusable use of an eBike.
  5. You complain about your old age and geriatric condition.

I personally know people in their 80’s and others missing limbs who ride “analog” or “acoustic” bikes as the lazy hipsters no call them.  And don’t you dare for a fucking second say anything about how you can now “go places and enjoy cycling” because you’re “pedaling just like they are” in reference to those who are tough and have strength.  Ebikes are for the weak and therefore their riders must accept being labeled as weak.  So when you’re called a Pansy Cranker or Sissy Spinner you simply say “Thank You” and ride along.  You have no right to argue against your weakness and you will not be considered a real cyclist under any conditions.  Most likely you can’t or won’t even be able to handle the bike under speed because you are not a conditioned or disciplined rider who got yourself to that speed.  Motor+Pedals = Moped.  Amazing some eBike riders will argue this.   These are the ones who are physically and mentally challenged.  Understand that real cyclists don’t hate your eBike.  We hate their weak riders.

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SalesForce will FINALLY support SMTP authentication.

It looks like will finally support SMTP authentication in their Winter 2019 release.  Well, at least they’re only a decade late.

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Google is still failing at digital metric conversion.

Let’s see if they can finally get this correct.  It’s really starting to bother me.

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Found a bit of gravel in Wendell.

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Goose on the Nuese

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