Carolina beat Miami Saturday

And that makes Carolina the only ACC team to beat the two big Florida titans in official conference games. Meanwhile NC State lost to a rather lackluster Clemson team. Since I don’t really pull heavily for either of these two teams I love being able to weigh my non-biased opinion: Amato’s team is over-hyped. All the State students and fans I know always have an excuse for States poor performance and will quickly place the blame on some other factor than Amato or a player.

Carolina fans on the other hand have come to expect their team to lose, and they usually don’t care. That seems to make a victory like the one over the Hurricanes even sweeter. But this year before the State fans can denounce the Carolina win as a fluke they must first explain their own loss to the Tarheels. John Bunting’s coaching career may have been saved by these wins.

Durham, NC – Armpit of the south

If you’re considering sending your kid to Duke University, you should be aware that you are sending them into one of the most crime laden areas of the south. The growing gang problem in Durham, NC is only one problem this sleezy, pathetic, poorly run city has to deal with. Most people say Raleigh-Durham when referring to the area. I can tell you personally that Raleigh and Durham might as well be 2000 miles apart. In case you haven’t heard most of Durham is the personification of the criminal element.

I voted today.

imageI’m glad that NC decided to let people vote early. I won’t have to face any crowds on Nov. 2nd. It took me less than 20 minutes today at the NC Board of Elections headquarters, one of the benefits of working downtown in the state capital. I’m not going to post who I voted for (big mystery huh?) so all I’ll say is it would be great if NC turned blue this year.

My Mercury Mail Server

With the addition of Mercury Mail I am now completely hosting this domain from home. I’m denying all non-local smtp relays so forget about bouncin’ off me. I’m also going to be watching the logs for a while to make sure everything’s legit. In fact I’m not posting my domain address as a contact link.

The general public can reach me at the spam

It’s catching

It seems had the same idea (but probably long ago) to change the entire look of their site too. For me that’s going to take more getting used to than the new look of my own site.

Everything’s in need of an overhaul at some point – just to keep it fresh. In fact I got the idea of relocating my entire site and redoing the entire blog based on the fact that I was not at all happy with the old site. It was way too boring. The movement and adaptation of all the local web services was an afterthought. I’m much happier with the new look now that my template is pretty much done. And the speed seems to be much better as my site used to spend a lot of time waiting in line for the SQL server at They received my cancellation notice today.

Apache, MySQL, WordPress

All of these applications and database are now running on my machine at home, serving this site to the web. No more web hosting ever again for me thanks to – dynamic DNS all the way from now on. Sorry Time Warner.

The WordPress template I’m using needs a lot of work but I’m just happy I got a new router, firewall, and this site up in under one day. Never again will I need to FTP files. My total cost for running this site is $45 a year including the domain registration.

My RTP Inbox

Unfortunately I learned the hard way how bad spam can get if you put a legitimate email address on-line anywhere. screen scraping killed my inbox at my old address.

So, this post is to declare the absence of any available email address on this site. You can contact me by leaving a reply at the bottom of this page if you need to get in touch and don’t know me well enough to have my cell number or gmail address.

I will use the email address you provide to post your comment to get back in touch. Thanks.

Update: You can now text the word INSIGHT to 50500 to receive my Contxt SMS business card.