Carolina beat Miami Saturday

And that makes Carolina the only ACC team to beat the two big Florida titans in official conference games. Meanwhile NC State lost to a rather lackluster Clemson team. Since I don’t really pull heavily for either of these two teams I love being able to weigh my non-biased opinion: Amato’s team is over-hyped. All the State students and fans I know always have an excuse for States poor performance and will quickly place the blame on some other factor than Amato or a player.

Carolina fans on the other hand have come to expect their team to lose, and they usually don’t care. That seems to make a victory like the one over the Hurricanes even sweeter. But this year before the State fans can denounce the Carolina win as a fluke they must first explain their own loss to the Tarheels. John Bunting’s coaching career may have been saved by these wins.

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cherri johnson
19 years ago

Tell it Todd!

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