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13 years ago

Truth is generally the best vindication against slander. Remember…If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed; if you do read the newspaper, YOU ARE MISINFORMED.

13 years ago

Todd – I know what you’re saying. As I read all of these blogs, it’s disappointing to know that people have so much to say, but can’t tell the world who they are. Would they say these things if they had to state their real name? Were blogs created to be an anonymous opinion forum? What happened to substance, taking a stand for something, but being man or woman enough to debate it openly?

13 years ago

Any update on Jay’s sentencing? Seems odd that it has gone so quiet.

12 years ago

Heard on WRAL this morning that sentencing was today in New Bern? Can’t find any info though on anyone know what is going on?

Jay's Wife
12 years ago

Jay’s sentencing was held this am. He was sentenced to 30 months. He will not be asked to report any earlier than January 15, 2010. He has not yet been given the credit for his cooperation because the ongoing investigation is not far enough along. We are hopeful the prosecution will ask for a downward departure prior to his report date due to his ongoing full cooperation.

Not Leaving It No Way No How
12 years ago

Okay, the 30 months is one thing. But why is he being held personally responsible for the entire $8 million owed by CGI? We already know that $3 million of it was withdrawn by Suzanne and I think I read somewhere that their self-insured health plan had been in big trouble. I’ll bet a good bit of the money went there. Bottom line, Jay very likely DID NOT personally benefit from it. (And before someone tells me I’m naive – if he did, then where are the embezzlement charges?) The $8 million part of the verdict seems an awful lot like scapegoating.

think about it
12 years ago

When it comes to taxes, especially payroll taxes, the government doesn’t mess around. As both a CPA, and a Corporate Executive (CFO), he can be held personally liable. It probably depends on the details of the situation. Who signed what, who had control of what. I don’t know. But it’s hard to think he didn’t embezzle money, because one would think – to risk his freedom, his reputation, his career, pain his family has to be enduring – that he would have risked it for something for himself. And I don’t buy the whole theory about doing it for the employees crap. They are the ones who got screwed the most.
But I honestly don’t think he took any money. I think he just closed his eyes, clicked the heels of his red ruby slippers together and said “It’ll be okay.. It’ll be okay.. It’ll be okay..” Idiot.

Curious George
12 years ago

Anyone know where Jay is and what Jay is doing is he doesn’t have to report until January (at the earliest)?

Response to Curious George deadbeat
12 years ago

Spending time with his family you idiot – what were you expecting???

10 years ago

Looks like James is getting out of jail! I wonder if he will come after ESG and the boys…

Name Register # Age-Race-Sex Release Date
1. JAMES O MCLAMB JR 25796-056 45-White-M 10-11-2011 RALEIGH CCM

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