“Citizen’s Media Integrity Board” – A good idea?

A Huffington Post commentor posted the following recommendation in response to an article regarding the possible opportunities for criminal action against Rush Limbaugh for election tampering.  Althoughthe post is very senstational I actually agree with most if not all of this idea:

“Election tampering Laws will only be enforced if it helps disenfranchise minority voters.

ABOLISH this government! Patriots Day April 19th, Philadelphia Independence Hall 9am:
State and Territorial Governors will assume authority over all Federal Agencies pending Ratification and Amendments to the Constitution including but not limited to: Ban on ALL forms of Torture, Publicly funded elections only, Mandated media contributions of equal time for all qualified campaigns, Ban on any form of Bribery of any nature to all public servants, Establishment of Citizen Media Integrity Board with Mandate to ban Campaigns from media for false or misleading adds and revoke broadcasting licenses from any broadcaster misusing the public airways and cable networks for false or misleading commentary or propaganda.

The seat of Authority in our Nation was forcibly removed from the hands of Tyrants and secured By The People For The People. And it Shall Not Perish From This Earth.”

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