If Net Nuetrality Does Not Prevail

In my 20’s I was part of a small dial up, ISP modem bank team in the mid 90’s run out of a warehouse in Raleigh, NC that eventually became NandoNet.  I managed teams for Covad installing DSLAMs in Bell South central offices during the roll out of DSL. I’ve spent a career building private, corporate networks all over Research Triangle Park from the ground up.  If the FCC doesn’t declare ISP’s a public utility and maintain net neutrality I will work diligently to create a company with broadband infrastructure that guarantees customers equal access to all websites through a NO THROTTLING policy.

I will undercut AT&T, Verizon and Comcast’s rates and pad early termination fees to draw customers away from them in droves.  Would it cost millions, maybe billions for the infrastructure? Yes.  Would investors see the value in the superior, unrestricted product offering?  Absolutely.

I am completely serious about this.  Others are too.  Many of them very wealthy.  Companies like Google stand ready to invest in maintaining an open internet where all traffic and websites are treated equally.

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