Headline News “money saving suggestions” in face of inflation…

This story that ran this morning, Sept. 24th began “is the money running out before the end of the month?” and continued with these suggestions from “The Home Network” to save on your monthly bills:

“Put a good layer of mulch around you shrubs and flowers to hold in moisture and control weeds. This will prevent having to make as many calls to your landscaper or gardener”.

What a great idea. The key to my financial future. Everyone reduce your calls to your gardener and landscaper. What? You don’t have one? Oh wait. Neither do I.

Their next suggestion: replace your toilet if it was put in before 1992 because it will use less water per flush. Not a bad suggestion but I’ve got a similar solution my grandmother showed me years ago: put two bricks in the tank. Replace liquid volume with solid volume. Last time I checked bricks cost less than toilets.

And my favorite suggestion: buy a new, more efficient front loading washer and dryer. According to Sears this money saving venture will only cost you $1500 minimum. That’s over 10 months of power bills for me. Thanks but I think I’ll stick with the $30 extra on my power bill each month as punishment for having my old inefficient models. A 50 month return on investment would make any accountant cringe. Besides, if you’re “money is running out before the end of the month” I doubt the best money saving idea is running up more credit card debt for a fancy-dancy, sparkely-new washing machine.

Who are the overpaid idiots that came up with these suggestions? I wonder if they have any “money saving tips” that don’t involve spending lots of money?

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