Lesser of Two Evils

“someone spotted an open-air trailer near an early polling site in Goldsboro with President Barack Obama and other elected officials hung in effigy”

True story: Anyone I’ve had conversations with this month can confirm that until this morning I had not decided who I was going to vote for today. I despise the Obamacare mandate that much. I even told my 14 year-old niece I had not decided as of last night. This morning I read the the quote above in a news article about electioneering. It made up my mind. Sure, lots of people despised Bush but this has gone beyond comparison. The volume of hate coming from the right in this election has reached a point that may require therapy for many conservatives. I can’t be part of it.

So all of you who thought you were doing your cause any good repeatedly telling me how vile Obama is and that you’d like to see him “burned in the street” (Scotty) well, thank you. Any policy of Obama’s that I may have found harmful or offensive could not make me vote against him if it means reinforcing or supporting the persistent, vitriolic messages coming from Republicans in this election. It’s honestly made me question the sanity of many people I know. I realize it’s an odd factor to weigh my decision on but I’m not going to vote for the candidate that is the lesser of two evils. I’m voting for the segment of society that is proving to be the lesser of two evils.

This election has exposed the true sentiments of many Americans. We’re in trouble and politicians have nothing to do with it. Check yourselves. One man in one office did not put you where you are today, causing you such anguish. Another man won’t fix it either. Your GED isn’t going to turn into a college degree if Romney wins. Your old pants won’t fit no matter how many pairs you put on. If you lost your job Mitt isn’t going to hire you. These are your problems, not Barack Obama’s. It’s time for the party of “personal responsibility” to quit whining and exercise some. You can start by telling your fellow conservatives to quit burning scarecrows of duly elected officials in effigy.

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