They’re doing it wrong. Successfully. Signed, the GOP

There is a country where the majority of workers are unionized with good pay and universal health care. Their unemployment rate is 3.4% today. Better than the United States unemployment rate at any time during the last 63 years. The unemployed are tested for skills by the government and retrained or educated when necessary at tax payer expense. Along with the world’s leading wages they have high taxes, a strong banking industry, loaning to most of Europe, and they are the worlds second largest exporter, bested only by China. If you haven’t figured it out yet it’s Germany. According to the GOP principals they’re doing it all wrong. In fact, the GOP’s core ideologies of limited to no government, low taxes and little or no private business or banking regulation is the exact opposite of what made Germany the wealthiest nation in Europe which is still speeding up while the US economy continues to stagnate. Just more proof that everyone in the world has it all wrong except for the vocal minority in the US clinging to their GOP ideals of God and guns against the evil government, the source of all problems.

“Free your mind, your ass will follow.” – Funkadelic’s 1970

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