Santa Clause came to see Connor!

image…and left him all kinds of new things for us to fall over and trip on. But it’s cool because he loves his new John Deer 4-wheeler, even if he can only drive it backwards. Daddy pushes it forwards. Amy got a new camera phone on “the family plan” so it will actually save a lot of money. She also got plenty of other stuff she wasn’t expecting including a shopping trip to Aldos.

imageThe best gift I got came from my dad (as usual). It’s my new Magellan Meridian Gold hand held GPS. More Geocaches are on the way to being discovered. I’ve got to come up with a cool theme of items to leave at the caches I find next year. I think I’ll post more about xmas later but right now I’ve got to go eat chicken wings.

Since several people have been asking I’m also going to work on the photos section of the site tonight or tomorrow so all the pics on my server can be viewed from one page.

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  1. guilbert p megrino January 25th, 2010 12:44 am

    how much this gps gadget? wher i buy in philippines.

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