Trajedy of the week: THE GOLF CARTS BURNED UP.

CartsAll of the golf carts at the Wendell Country Club (my weekend stomping ground) burned to ashes early this morning.  I am grief strucken beyond my ability to put into words and may need to seek professional help.  These carts were young, only a couple of years old.  Lightening is to blame so perhaps God is trying to tell me something about how I should spend the weekend (I will be working).  Why oh why was there no mercy for these poor, innocent golf carts?

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  1. Amy May 8th, 2009 4:17 pm

    That is pretty sad:( I’m so sorry that you can’t go play golf on Mother’s Day weekend… I know you would be playing tomorrow afternoon if you didn’t have to work all day! I just can’t believe that ALL the golf carts burned up!

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