Spyk Quick – Killed by a habitual coward…

spyk.JPGThe last 72 hours have been a particularly hard, emotional roller coaster on my very dear friend Desiree Wynder and her family.  As reported in the local news this week Desiree’s brother, Ian Quick, known to everyone locally as Spyk, was killed by a hit and run driver while riding his street legal scooter (not a moped) on I-40 near Gorman Street.  I first met Spyk when he first moved to Raleigh which was about two years ago despite media reports that he was in the area “about a year”.

When the story was initially reported in the news on Monday the driver of the Yellow Xterra that hit Spyk had not been identified.  The police told Desiree and her mother, Heidi, that there was a 72 hour window before most of the leads could dry up and the trail could go cold.  The detectives were up against the clock.  Desiree worked diligently with law enforcement and the media to keep Spyk’s story in the headlines so people would be on the lookout for the Xterra.

Spyk was a cook at The Raleigh Times Bar where he was adored by his co-workers and the patrons.  The management at the Times agreed to pay for all of the funeral expenses and then organized a memorial, which was held last night, not only to honor Spyk but also to provide more media coverage to find the hit and run driver.  It may have worked faster than anyone expected.

As the memorial got underway I was talking with Desiree at the bar.  She went to talk to her grandfather and returned just moments later and told me “they found him”.  Just as she was telling me this her phone rang.  It was the lead detective on the case letting her know the information she had was correct.  I asked her twice “what’s his name”?  “Gavin Hawk” she repeated as the officer told her.  The timing was uncanny. The 48 hour mark, the window of time in which most cases are solved, was quickly approaching.

Twenty eight year-old Gavin Clifford Hawk was previously convicted on January 28, 2008 of a Class H Felony for “speeding to elude arrest” according to the NC Dept. of Corrections Offenders web site.  Gavin obviously has a history of driving irresponsibly and then racing away from the scene.  So it’s time for the book to be thrown.  The cowardly son of a bitch also tried to slit his wrists before his arrest.  I wish he’d succeeded and save the courts time and money.

Watching Heidi’s tears turn from anger and sorrow to joy, if only for a moment, was a life event I will never forget.  We drank to Spyk and we drank to Gavin Hawks arrest.  Spyk can rest knowing that his killer has been apprehended.  My faith in our local judicial system is weak but I hope that for once, in this instance, Gavin Hawk grows old in prison.  His life should be over for the selfish crime he committed against a man who is one thousand times the person he is.  You shouldn’t have run Gavin.  You will pay a heavy price for your continuous, cowardly acts.  Although I considered including Gavin’s picture in this post, I will not do him the honor.  The goal moving forward is to remember Spyk and forget the coward who killed him as he rots in the NC prison system.

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Nyree Zimmer
13 years ago

Thank you for writing this. Desiree is one of my closest friends dating back to our high school years. This was such upsetting news. I am so sad for her, Heidi, Brit, and all that were his family and friends. Again, thank you.

jon phillips
13 years ago

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13 years ago

Jon, you’re not gaining your friend any sympathy with your illiterate rant. The fact is, he ran. He left my friend dead on the side of the road. Maybe YOU don’t know what you would do in that situation, but then maybe you’re a coward too who would have done the same thing. I can say without any doubt that I could NEVER run someone over with my car and then flee the scene not knowing if they were dead or alive.

No, I don’t know Gavin. But I knew Spyk, and he was truly one of the most incredible human beings I’ve ever met. He was adored by everyone who ever knew him, and brought so much laughter and joy into the world. You can’t blame the people who loved him for being angry that he was so senselessly taken away.

13 years ago

I WILL PRAY…for this JON PHILLIPS (fictitious name) I looked him up under Hawks friends on FACEBOOK…speaking of cowards! I MUST SAY— If you have GOD in your heart, you would have NEVER even SUBMITTED this HARSH and UNNECESSARY Comment! This page was created by a loving friend of the victim’s and for the friends and family—for SUPPORT! Please if you could TODD– Delete this fools comment. AGAIN… I WILL PRAY FOR YOU Mr. JON ( COWARD II ) PHILLIPS.


13 years ago

Todd, I cant thank you enough for the time and research you took to write this article. you have been a wonderful friend for many years.
i have no words for that comment written by that POS “Jon Phillips” my brother did nothing illegal. my family understands accidents happen, it’s the fact he LEFT him!!! that’s just evil. and i see birds of a feather do flock together.
I’m happy to know my brother will never suffer again in this lifetime, but I pray that Gavin and this fool live in suffering for not only their actions but for their lack of remorse.

Thank you all very much for your love and support, we could not get through this without each of you.

13 years ago

Thank you for your words, Des is one of my besties and no one should go through what she/her family is going through. There is a beautiful God up there that obviously does not like dirty. Des hun keep your spirits high… I love you, Mai-Mai.

Pat Queen
13 years ago

Des, your posts are so beautifully written, and truly reflect the spirit and strength that make me so proud to be a part of your extended family.

Jesennea Olmedo
13 years ago

Desiree and Family,

My deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family through this very difficult time. In reading the story, I got the goose bumps and was so glad to hear that they caught the person who did this to Spyk. I can assure you he is resting in peace and even though he is no longer a part of your life physically his soul is still alive and he will ALWAYS be watching after you.


Elisa Bowman
13 years ago

Friends and Family of Quick,

I am deeply sorry for your loss and the pain it has caused to anyone that new Quick. It is a tragedy and a freak accident.

However, I am very close to Gavin Hawk and would like to speak some words defending his name. Gavin is a very good person. He has always been here for his friends and family and would take the shirt off his back for anyone that would need it. Gavin would never intentionally hurt anybody or anything. He speaks nothing bad of anyone and is always the person trying to make sure everyone is having a good time. Gavin has made one bad decision in his past, fleeing from police officers, but is paying those consequences and was truly sorry for what he had done. He always said he would go back and do things different if he could. I don’t know why he didn’t stop and I don’t know why he didn’t turn himself in, but that is truly not the character of Gavin in the slightest extent.

I hate that you would have the audacity to judge someone that you do not have the slightest knowledge about. God will judge you in the way that you judge other people. And no one is perfect. From being very close to Gavin, I am sure his intentions in cutting his wrist were not to flee from paying the consequences, but he will not be able to live with the fact that he took someone’s life. He is a very loving and caring person and I know that he feels regret for his decision.

I am sorry for the previous comment left by someone that knows Gavin. Everyone that is friends with Gavin are just still in shock by everything that is happening and wishes that everyone could see what a great person Gavin truly is outside this situation. It is hard for us to hear people talk as though Gavin is an intentional murder and coward because he is not. He made a HORRIBLE decision and will pay those consequences, but it does no good to judge and criticize him. Also, Gavin does absolutely no drugs, so I am positive that he was not fleeing because of contraband.

Once again, I am truly sorry for the loss of Quick. I am sure he was a very good person from the words you speak of him and it is a tragedy to have someone taken off this earth this way and at such a young age. I am positive that Gavin would never intentionally do such a thing. I hope that you will find it in your hearts to forgive him for his impulse and erratic decision. And on behalf of Gavin, He is sorry, because I know that is what he is dying to tell Quick’s family.

Elisa Bowman

Elisa Bowman
13 years ago


In no way am I passing judgment on anyone who feels grievance for this horrible accident. You are supposed to feel hate, anger, sorrow, revenge, and all other mixed feelings. That is how you process and deal with situations as these. I was expressing my feelings “I hate….”; I hate the fact that someone would pass judgment on a person based on one awful mistake because of the strict scrutiny you will face later.

I am not defending the actions of Gavin. It was an egregious and thoughtless act. I am defending Gavin as a person. Which his actions are not reflecting. He is a remorseful person that would repeatedly tell you he is sorry until he was blue in the face.

I did not post this comment to upset anyone or to degrade you for feeling hate towards Gavin. I wanted you to know that your friend/brother/son’s life was not taken by some cold blooded murder, but through an awful accident followed by a horrible/stupid mistake. It may help others handle the situation easier and it may not, but I thought it was worth being said.

I can not say it enough, I am truly sorry for the loss of a life and sympathize with the pain you are feeling.

jon phillips
13 years ago

.i am also sorry for spykes family and for what i said but i was mad that u would judge him before u even talked to him.the whole time before he got caught i felt horrible that somebody got killed and when i found out he was only 25 and a great guy it made me sick to my stomach,but to let you know gavin was very sorry but also scared and i give u my word he would have eventually turned him self in.i know he ran and i and him and everybody else does but like i said u never know what u would do and also he was not hiding he was at home thinking it all over,and im telling u he would have eventually turned himself in because he had plenty of time and money to run but he didnt.again im very sorry for what i said but just know he was also a gret guy,would do anything u asked,helped people out and also forgave people 4 mistakes and i know because he has forgiven me personally 4 very big mistakes.i know he has fucked up spykes family but gavin also has a family and to watch the news and hear what his mom said was wrong and u know it.

jon phillips
13 years ago

ALSO TO LET u know his previous fleeing to elude arrest and his freind was driving and after he dropped him off and g got busted 4 it and his freind ran and wouldnt turn his self in and gavin took the fall.

jon phillips
13 years ago

loving god ur a fucking idiot and u sound like the typical hypocritical christian.u are the fool

13 years ago

I’m thankful for the fleeting moments SpyK popped in and out of my life over the last few years. I first met him in Wilmington when I picked him up from the bus station for my sister Rachel. I didn’t know what to expect on my way to get him that day, and wasn’t particularly excited about this favor I was doing, but could anyone who ever met SpyK NOT love him? I drove this kid that I had never met before all over town all day long, just goofing off and showing him the “sights.” Of all my sister’s free-spirited, bohemian friends SpyK remained one of my favorites. He had an effortless joy and contagious smile–one of those people who makes you happy just by being around.

My heart goes out to SpyK’s friends and family who knew him so much better than I did. I can’t imagine what you’re going through.

Rene Quick
13 years ago

I can’t read all of the comments. I really don’t care how “wonderful” this asshole Hawk was. Maybe HIS friends and family can write a tribute page for HIM, instead of leaving comments about him on a page devoted to my brother.

I wonder how many people would like to leave comments for a MURDERER?? I guess not many because they have to do it HERE.


Then again, I guess they don’t have to make him a page, because he’s not dead and gone forever. They get to inform him how much they care. Must be fucking nice. So why don’t you fucking tell him, instead of trying to convince us. Nothing you say makes a difference to me. He is a fucking piece of cowardly shit, and will die knowing that.

My brother fucking rules.

Loving God
13 years ago

jon phillips- I will pray for you. God is the ultimate judge. He is a loving God, and a forgiving God. LETS REMEMBER—- This page again was made to show support for Quick’s family and friends. Let’s please leave the negativity off this page. In Jesus name I pray for the Quick family…AMEN.

13 years ago

I knew Gavin for quite some time now. For some reason i never seemed to get along with him because he always thought he was right and knew the answer to everything. I hate how people feel bad for him, what is there to feel bad about? He hit a guy with his suv and left. Why wouldn’t he stop. If he was so remorseful for his actions why did he keep driving? He had no business driving anyway since he had his license taken away for his last offense and was only suppose to drive to and from work.

So yes i knewGavin but i have no bad feelings for him. He is a grown man and knew what he was doing. If he had nothing to hide and it was an accident why did he leave.

I am so sorry for the quick family and i am sorry you are having to pay the consequences of Gavin’s choice to try and save him self. I wish you the best and hope Gavin gets what he deserves.

Brittany Quick
13 years ago

please n e one who was affected by my brother and inspired in n e way please write a letter short or long telling the judge and court system how my brother changed your life….that’s what he did best even if u didn’t realize it he was doing it…not one person that met my brother will ever be the same again, even if it was just for a second.

I want them to know how many ppl cared and still care and how many ppl’s lives will never be the same because of my brother coming into their lives and because of what Gavin hawk did….intentional or not it happened he admitted it and he wasn’t man enough to even go back to my brother WHO HE LEFT IN THE STREET LIKE A PIECE OF TRASH LIKE HE WAS NOBODY AND NOTHING or turn himself in.

everyone also gets a chance to get something off their chest…u can even write a letter to my brother…write whatever u feel…ppl need to see these kinda things…..

I Love you Ian

and if n e one u know has been killed in a similar situation or not just take a moment to speak their name(s) and know that me and my family will not stop till justice is served for my bro and all the past lives and future lives that have been and will be lost to bastards like gavin hawk……

I am in the process of trying to get n e 1 I can in an official office to back me on changing the law in NC so that it better serves the ppl of NC. I can’t do it alone I need your help….
I’ll keep everyone posted so I can have feedback.

Thank you,
Brittany Quick
and Quick Family.

for n e 1 who will be typing their letter on their computer you can send them to karattop16@yahoo.com

n e 1 mailing them I have yet to get the address
right now my mother and sister are spreading some ashes in St.Augustine because that was 1 of the many places that he lived in and loved.
when I do get the address I will post it a.s.a.p…..until then n e 1 who is going to take part in my request u can start getting your letter 2gether and set them aside for when I get the proper address.
as well as the judges name….u may address it Dear Honorable Judge if u’d like or leave the name blank till I get it it’s up to you.

Thanks again,
The Quick family and friends

Brittany Quick
13 years ago

let me tell all the ppl that r leaving comments on the bastards behalf on a page for my bro and our fam…..

fuck you
stay away from n e thing that has to do with my family
it is such disrespect to our family mostly to my brother
go to that fat sloppy shit bad assholes facebooks page and make comments

how dare u
how fuckin dare u
i read shit about him on his page
he’s a fuckin looser
bothering ppl in parks
hes a rude POS

i dont wanna hear shit about how sorry he is
y hasnt he said it to our family???? like it would make a difference
that looser can wake up every morning
yall r on here defending him we r here honoring my DEAD brother
theres nothing for us to defend
and what kinda “remorse” did that shit bag show by leaving him in the street like he was a peice of trash
like he wasnt n e thing
he was a son
a brother
an uncle
a best friend
an inspiriation
a motivator
my brother went through toooo much and was taken in a horrible accident
from what i see that looser was nothing compared to my brother an therefore has no buisness being mentioned on this page at all
unless we r mentioning what a souless heartless POS he his
u know y?!?!?!?!?!?!
cuz this is a page for my family and friends and his other family and friends

justice will be served either way
i didnt want to pass judgement on him
i though how horrible he slit his wrists cuz im sure he cant bare what he’s done…..i thought he was under the influence and i understand how not being in ur right mind doing what he had done…….but to my supprise he has not said he was sorry
he didnt show remorse then and hes not showing it now
to believe i felt bad for that boy was a mistake on my part
how can u ask for our forgiveness???
he hasnt even done it himself
fuck u and stay off this page
stay off n e page that has to do with my brother
what if yall were in our shoes????


13 years ago

Please pray for the Quick family as they face Gavin for the first time at trial today. I think what sucks the most is the law that is allowing this murderer to get away with doing only 2 FREAKING years behind bars at THE MOST. Ian’s life was worth way more than that. He was Heidi’s only son the Quick namesake. Heidi worked her ass off as a single mom and Ian was the man of the house, he loved his sisters and his mom and was a great friend to anyone no matter what their stature. How dare anyone defend this guys actions. How do you expect the Quick family to sit in trial and not look into his face without feeling desperation and rage. I couldn’t do it I would kill him myself if he would hurt one of my family members. I would gladly go to jail just to get my hands on him just because I couldn’t help myself. I pray so hard that I can learn to sleep at night and that I get his face out of my nightmares and for their family as for the rest of their lives the will not have him around to make them laugh, no wedding, kids nothing but sadness. But you bet your ass 1 good thing will come out of this. I will work with this family along with many others night and day to make sure no other family get off with murdering someone and leaving them for dead. If it takes every breath in our bodies we will get this law changed so that no one has to go through this and no life is taken in vein. I will see you all at trial tomorrow a good family friend.

13 years ago

I’m sorry but if his family loved him sooo much why was he HOMELESS and living on the STREETS for so long??? Sorry but i’ve tried to have sympathy for Ian’s family, but you have all said such HATE filled things about a person that would never let a person live on the streets and go homeless!!

Brittany Quick
13 years ago

hold on Ashley is it?…..1st off we dont need ur sympathy bitch…we did love him more than u love urself, heartless prick…..not that its n e of ur fuckin biz but my brother left home when he was about 15yrs old….i was 12 going on 13 & we werent having the best childhood so he broke out…i cant blame him i left less than a year later…
we looked desperately for my brother 4 years…but he stayed under the radar…i was the first to speak to my brother & he was lookin 4 us too….shit aint always that fuckin easy.
my brother lived to the fullest…& the way he wanted not the way our dad or school or society wanted him to. he made his choices in life and we were connected when the time was right…and bitch ur right he wouldnt let someone live on the streets….he’d just leave dead in it….u dont know shit about our family so fuck off…u got sumthin to say to us, u can come see me n e time and ill show u how the quick’s get down….how dare u, like i said y dont u go somewhere else with that shit…he has a myspace and facebook page go root for him where some1 cares and stop reopening the wound that the bastard ur defending and siding with placed in our hearts 4ever….if this happened 2 u how would u feel if ur family members killer had cheerleaders like u and came on YOUR FAMILIES TRIBUTE PAGE talkin wreckless….like i said bitch im tired of all this shit talkin….COME SEE ME!!!!!
When im out marchin in downtown in October for my brother and other victimized families, trying to change the law, come and say that shit 2 my face and c how fast u hit the pavement!

Brittany Quick
13 years ago

fuck ALL gavin hawk supports u can get it too!!!!

Brittany Quick
13 years ago

that bastard could have opened his mouth in the court room…..did he?!?!?!?!
he could have shown respect to my family by lookin at them while they were reading there letters….did he?!?!?!?!


fuck u…..my brothers remains were mailed to me in a box….IN A FUCKIN BOOOOOX DO U HEAR ME!!!!
HOW WOULD U FEEL?!?!?!?!?!

13 years ago

How about you stop trying to be a bad bitch and stop talking trash because I donated money and will be at the rally in Octoberr because if it wasn’t for me turning Gavin in you would have had no one to talk shit about they would have never have found him if it wasn’t for me so keep talking shit about me and we will see what happens in October

13 years ago

aright ill see u there….and if u didnt open ur rat bastard mouth u’d be the 1 charged….i know u r no saint…and what is ur $$$ gonna do????
my brother is still gone
did u ever donate to this cause b4?!?!?!
to all the other fams out there who have gone through what we have???
i dont care if u did
if u wanna help ull stop bringing us retarded ass on here fucking with me and my fam
back up bitch or boot up
yea iight ill c u in october bitch and show u how bad i am…

from what i know ur his girlfriend….and his girlfriend handed him the keys….in my heart ur just as guilty…u should be where he’s at too…cuz u opened ur mouth to keep from going to jail but not to seek justice….please bitch
ur neighbor called the cops and u squealed like the pig u r….come see me bitch ill be down in a week.
ill show u the anger u and ur bastard boy put in my heart 4ever!!!

ooowww uuuwww stop talking trash….wtf trash did i talk…i spoke the truth and how i JUSTLY feel…ur the one trash about my fam and our past wtf do u know about us…u dont know shit but hoe i can teach u!
ur man wouldnt let n e 1 live on the street but he’ll leave someone dead right in it huh…after he killed them in cold blood….because according to him he was sober and in his sound mind….sounds like 1st degree murder 2 me…real smart u cunt!