Additional Hospital Bills Make Contractor Sick ::

Additional Hospital Bills Make Contractor Sick ::

Spokeswoman Stephanie Crayton said Bridges was originally billed too little because the hospital coded the case wrong.

“The confusion started because Bridges was a third party paying someone else’s bill. Most of the time, Crayton said, a third party is an insurance company, and Bridges was originally billed the price insurance companies pay for treatment, which is much less than what people who don’t have or don’t use insurance pay.”

This is the first time I’ve heard a hospital representative make this claim publicly. The question is why? Why do people without insurance have to pay more than the negotiated insurance rates? This is what make programs like Maternity Card so appealing. You get the benefit of participating in a plan with pre-negotiated rates even though you will pay the bill out of pocket. This is a practice by health care institutions that must be stopped but won’t. There’s too much corporate health care influence in Washington.

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