2001 F150 Supercab

imageHere’s the insurance settlement for the Mustang. I’m starting out with 34,545 miles on the ODO (I don’t buy new cars – I despise the immediate depreciation). I found this and several trucks on autotrader.com. Then I started calling around and emailing the dealers. I finally bought this one at University Ford in Durham. They were extremely easy to work with. From the time I got to the dealership until the time I left with the truck was less than 2 hours.

imageI’m pretty happy with the deal I got including an extended 3 year 36K mile warrenty and gap insurance for an extra $495.00. I never have to worry about the possibility of being upside down in an insurance settlement again. Only bad thing is that it already needs an oil change and I just drove it off the lot a week ago. Oh well, that’s nothing compared to how I’ve been screwed on ebay deals recently.

The Coolscan scanner is proving to be bear to install under XP because of the SCSI drivers. And I won a used Minolta X370 from some guy for $27.00 and he shipped me an old Maxxum 3000i with a broken lens instead. I’m trying to stay civil to get it resolved because I think it’s pointless to argue with people via email.

Tax Time. e-file!

Our Federal returns have been accepted and are being processed, the State takes 5-7 days to “accept” the electronic return. State an Fed combined we’ll get just enough back to cover Amy’s fall tuition and books. I used Turbo Tax for the web. I highly recommend it. It was easy and fast.

How Dell made North Carolina beg for business | The Register

How Dell made North Carolina beg for business | The Register

Here’s an article showcasing our state representative’s fiscal discipline. I’m so proud to be from North Cakalacky, the only state where elected officials can’t pronounce the names of towns that end in “oro”. I guess Dell had to receive some incentive to build a plant in a place like “Greensbur”. It’s not exactly the technology center of the universe.

How to get a free Mac Mini – for real.

Here’s how to really get a Mini Mac for absolutely nothing. Follow these instructions exactly and you will get zero spam and no charges on any credit card. It’s done by referring friends.

1. Go to the link below fill out some info (use a spam trap email account like hotmail etc. if it makes you more comfortable).

2. Next click “No” to all of the optional offers presented (unless you’re interested in the garbage).

3. Then when you come to the place where you must select one “required” offer choose the eFax.com offer which is free for 30 days. It is one of those deals where you have to cancel in 30 days or you’re charged.

If you cancel the eFax account within the 30 day trial period and you get 10 people to do the exact same thing I’ve detailed here you will get a Mini Mac for free. The $600 80GB one.

Get your free Mac Mini right here!

I voted today.

imageI’m glad that NC decided to let people vote early. I won’t have to face any crowds on Nov. 2nd. It took me less than 20 minutes today at the NC Board of Elections headquarters, one of the benefits of working downtown in the state capital. I’m not going to post who I voted for (big mystery huh?) so all I’ll say is it would be great if NC turned blue this year.

My “Taxpayer Advocate”

imageA few weeks ago the IRS assigned a “Taxpayer Advocate” to my case opened to investigate why I haven’t received the copies of my 1999-2000 returns I paid $78.00 for over two months ago. I was told to provide copies of the processed checks and the “original form 4506 sent at the time of the request”…. Uh, exactly how do you send the “original” form they claim they can’t find.

Anyway, much to my surprise I was able to easily find the checks in my August bank statement – go TD Waterhouse – So today I called to tell my “Advocate” that I had the stuff he requested. That’s when he told me “there’s been a change in policy recently and we don’t need proof of the payment to provide full copies of the returns to you. They’re free now.”

Well, do I get my money back? Hell no. Organized crime.