You’ve come across the chronicle of a 25+ year IT veteran working in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina, living in now somewhat famous Lizard Lick.  I have a beautiful wife and three boys.  They’re grown up now so we’ve gotten rid of the mini-van for performance sports sedans.

I am currently involved with the following manufacturing based technology initiatives and projects originating in RTP, expanding globally:

  • Building Trimaco, Inc. where I am an employee-owner.
  • Electronic Document Interchange (EDI) partnership development
  • EDI document translator configuration and administration (Gentran, Lexicom, Vantage Point)
  • Electronic order processing into various ERP and SaaS systems
  • Wide and Local Area enterprise network communication
  • Firewalls, port management and network gateway security configurations
  • Remote application deployment and configuration (Citrix ICA, VPNs)
  • Enterprise SQL database deployment, maintenance and administration
  • Business Intelligence systems deployment and report development (Business Objects, Qlikview, MS Power BI)
  • SANs and virtualization (NetApp, EMC, Nimble Storage, VMWare)