Word is the Executive Staffing Group can’t make payroll.

This morning I learned from a few readers, who are Executive Staffing Group employees, that the Clifton and Savage operation have issued some payroll checks that bounced.  Apparently they also issued a notice to all employees that all direct deposits would cease immediately.  So does this mean that ESG employees should only expect to receive bad checks?

If this is true it’s a bad situation.  The Department of Labor or Insurance could step in a shut down ESG but where does that leave ESG’s contracted employees or the ESG clients they’re working for.   At the time any possible connections between ESG and the Castleton Group were made by investigators all efforts should have been made to shut down ESG before anyone else got hurt.  I personally believe the only reason this was not done was pure greed and arrogance on the part of the Savages and Clifton.   It gives the appearance they wanted to try to maintain some level of prominence and lifestyle in the face of personal bankruptcies and investigations.  They will argue they were trying to keep people employed in a down economy.  But what service are you doing to keep people employed when you can’t pay them?

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Not Surprised!
13 years ago

It’s not the first time that has happened. They have been shuffling money around between companies and accounts for years. I don’t know how they are still in business. I know that in today’s job market, the employees may not have a choice, but why would anyone work there anyway? I’d rather do anything than work for a company like that. And you would have to be extremely desperate to work as a contractor on their behalf after doing research on the company itself and owners. My advice to the employees: RUUUUUN!!!!! When they go down, they are going to stick it to all of you because they won’t be able to afford to pay you (of course they will pay themselves but not you). And if I were you, given Suzanne’s history, I would double check to make sure that you REALLY have benefits.

13 years ago

Ms.Clifton has been ordered – some time ago – by the Castleton Bankruptcy Trustee to immediately put her properties (her Florida and Wrightsville Beach McMansions) up for sale. Interestingly, I was just visiting Wrightsville for the day, and lo and behold, the property is not listed! As a matter of fact, one of Ms. Clifton’s many Mercedes was under the garage, her husband’s Mercedes SUV, a very nice Suburban, and another vehicle were there for a little R&R. They were out on the boat dock just having a good ole time. Once again, Ms. Clifton is “above the law”.
I did a little more research on Florida property. She is asking over $4 million for it, even though the banks are in the process of taking the property back due to no payments made in many, many months. The bank’s have a BPO of $2.3 million. This lady is so arrogant, it is clear she believes she can sell this property for over $4 million before the bank takes it, pay a little to the Castleton trustee and keep her Wrightsville home! I guess her husband’s FBI background helps her stay out of harm’s way. I don’t get it! If she were successful enough to accomplish selling that Florida property she should be MADE to turn over ALL profits to the Castleton trustee, to be put back into all the Castleton victim’s hands where it belonged to begin with! Otherwise, any monies Clifton is able to pull together to “pay her debts to Castleton” will go only in the pockets of the attorney’s involved. Yep, that’s the way the law works.

13 years ago

If this is true, you would think that between her 2 sons, who are both pushing 50 years old, they could handle something as simple as payroll/balancing the budget. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Gimme a break!!

12 years ago

Maybe you guys can help me out. I used to work there and was fired with a lame excuse. Plus I found out that 2 others are now gone from ESG. I received my last paycheck from them and it was short for 2 days of work and travel. I have emailed them and the CFO and all I can get back is this:

“You will have to talk to Brooks. He just gave me what to pay and that is
what was paid.”

So if anyone out there has any info or can help in this matter that would be great. Brooks wants me to call him, but I know it is going to be an BS excuse and I want it in writing from him. This way it will be his words in black and white and he cannot go against what he wrote. Also, I found out thru a third party that the insurance wasn’t paid. Who do I need to contact about this too?

12 years ago

ESG has now forced all of there employees out. EXCEPT for the family members and one red headed step child (Christy F). It is just a matter of time before they are all gone and the Castleton/ESG saga will come to a sweet bitter end. I have thought about starting my own company and go to the places they have business and under cutting them just to speed up the process. LOL!! But then that makes me no better than they are and I sure as hell do not want to become another tyrant like the “Family”. I think I will sit back and watch as the tower starts to crumble down. BTW, has anyone have any info on the lawsuit? Have they fried the ole girl yet?

12 years ago

Are Kathy Rollins and John Moulton gone too now?

12 years ago

Lets see…. Kathy is not on payroll from what I have heard and John is there to replace the two of us that were let go. Only a matter of time….

Hmmmmm....Just Curious
11 years ago

website for executive staffing is down. They haven’t had jobs posted for a while. Did they finally fold?

11 years ago

They told me they were “transitioning” to another staffing agency and I had to fill out a whole new application but never heard anything back from them after that. Had a lot of trouble getting my w2 after that…

What's the latest?
11 years ago

So was Suzanne ever sentenced? What’s the latest on this case? Appreciate any update.