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Anna Moellman
12 years ago

I’m sure the look on the boys’ faces will be more than worth whatever you spent as a “mediocre consumer drone”! Isn’t that what Christmas is about? I think the turning point between being a child and being an adult is that time in your life when you derive so much more joy from giving than from getting. I know some adults who are still children in that respect, and a few children who could be adults. But here is something that has really started bothering me at Christmas…the giving of gift cards. Yeah, one or two for that person who is impossible to buy for…ok. But I know people who go out the day before Christmas and buy one for everyone on their list. Why don’t you just say “I didn’t feel like putting any effort into thinking about what to get you, so here, go buy your own gift.” Am I the only person on Earth who still feels that way?? Have we become so practical that we can’t even take a chance on buying someone a gift that they may not like? Big deal!! How many times have you been given a gift card for somewhere like Wal-Mart, and all you got for it were lightbulbs, toothpaste and deodorant? So I say thank you, Todd. Thank you for being a husband and father who cares enough to go and purchase ridiculous gifts for those you love. It will come back to you ten-fold on Christmas morning! Merry Christmas (no, not a Happy Holidays from me). I’ll see you in a couple of days!

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