Good night Connor.

Tonight Connor ate a huge bowl of spaghetti, went into our bedroom and fell asleep on “Daddies Bed”. I don’t know why it’s not Mommies and Daddies, but I’ll accept the honor of being the presumed sole proprietor.

A few minutes ago as I sat at my PC browsing the web for the perfect new watch (since I now own zero that work) I heard little footprints downstairs and someone calling my name (Daddy). I went to the bottom of the stairs and there was Connor who said “I forgot to give you night-night kisses Daddy”. So I sat on the steps for my big hug and kiss, after which Connor put his thumb in his mouth, cuddled his blanky and went down the hall back to bed.

This is what I’ve waited my whole life for. To be this important to someone, anyone, is the reason we’re all here. It’s not to become rich, famous, or recognized in elite social circles as the smartest guy in the room. Because no matter what kind of super star athlete or Pulitzer Prize winner some of us may become, I promise that you will never mean as much to anyone on Earth as you will your 3-year-old. And in turn your children will never mean as much as anyone else to you. So like I said, you want a reason for living, there it is.

There are many people with psychological conditions I don’t understand. Among these are religious fanatics, serial killers, and people who buy picture frames and hang them without removing the sample photos. But one that perplexes me a lot is people who are so into themselves, and their meager lives, that they make a conscious decision not to have kids. Not only do they not know what they’re missing, and never will, but it also seems they’ve lost touch with their natural reason for existing. I’ve done most of what I can with my life, and maybe there’s more to come, but anything that comes my way now is really my boys.

I once overheard a conversation between two associates during lunch about a father who left his four year old daughter standing on the side of a frozen pond while he dove in to try to save his other child who had fallen through the ice. Both the father and the child drown (it was national news last year). The guy without children argued he should not have done it because he should have thought about his other child. The other associate, who also has two boys, said “You’re obviously not a parent or you would know that man was going to save his child or die trying”. Which he did. – Good man.

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17 years ago

This is the most touching story I have ever read. I had tears in my eyes after finishing. Connor is the best 3 year old in my eyes and I’m sure Logan will be the same. I love my boys!

Anna Moellman
17 years ago

That was such a touching posting. Honestly, you should submit it to a magazine or something. Connor (and Logan) are very lucky to have you as their “daddy”.

Anna Moellman

Grandma Johnson
17 years ago

You said it better than I ever could. Since the first time I saw you with Connor, I knew this bond existed. Do you remember when I said I would change his diaper and you went with me to the bedroom to look after him while I did the chore? That was at my house, his first Christmas. I knew then that you would be a “hands on” Daddy.

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