The rise of a Fascist.

“He had a domineering father and learned at an early age that you either dominate and win, or you lose. He became immature and impatient with a short attention span and little attention for details. He freely told lies and came to believe most of them himself. He eventually lived in a fantasy world and lost his grip on reality. In spite of all this he attained success, in large part due to his bravado and showmanship. He even acquired a fabulous retreat in one of the most beautiful locations in the country. Through his oratory capabilities and theatrics he was able to mesmerize his base. He promised to champion the middle class and put the unemployed back to work. Making numerous promises that he had no intention of keeping, he was voted into political power largely by protest votes against several established politicians. He became the leader of the country. He abrogated treaties and convinced his people that he was the only one who could lead their country back to its rightful place of glory. After denying he would do so he sent troops into foreign lands. He often didn’t take advice from his closest advisers. In fact, although he surrounded himself with high ranking military officers, he seldom took their advice, believing and saying that he was smarter than the generals. He believed that legislators were there only to do his bidding. He took refuge in those few who were still loyal and told him what he wanted to hear”. Who is this quote talking about? Adolph Hitler of course. Who did you think?