The President only has 1/3 of the power.

Term Limits, Corporate Campaign Contributions, Employer based or Single Payer health care… These are not Presidential problems, Republican or Democrat. They are problems resulting from a serious flaw in our Capitalist Republic that has swung from supporting the interests of every man, every worker receiving a paycheck, every customer receiving a service or product to the almighty shareholder, the investment class. That flaw is Congress.
You can pretend your vote will make a difference in overcoming the jobless future that will be created by automation, outsourcing and the perpetual quest for returns to shareholders. It will not. As long as the primary interests of the country reside on Wall St., in the hands of banks who created this house of cards and labeled it an economy, they will influence government. The only solution is a generation of legislators in Congress willing to put aside their own self interests. Willing to fire themselves in the name of term limits. Willing to sacrifice millions by making themselves ineligible for high paid lobbying or administrative positions in industries they are asked to provide oversight and regulate while in office.
Neither of the current Presidential candidates are at all interested in providing for the working class. Any hopes you have are based on stump speech bullshit. One is in it for himself, the other is in it for those she already owes in addition to the fight for her own freedom. Reality is never as fun as blissful hope. Unless we have leaders come forward who are truly interested in self-sacrifice for a cause greater than themselves it doesn’t matter who wins tomorrows election, America is already lost. Unfettered crony capitalism has arrived and it has the money to do anything it wants.
Now run along and vote in the archaic Electoral Collage System because “your vote counts”. Not really because electorates are not bound by the popular vote of each state but saying it might make you feel better. If that doesn’t work we’ll throw it to the Judicial branch for a 4-4 decision. Constitutional crisis anyone?