Angry Americans

Americans are angry at each other. We are a socially divided nation. For every person who hates illegal immigration there is one championing amnesty. For every person you find against tax increases for the wealthy you will find one, albeit not wealthy, against any tax increases. For every group you find championing prayer in school you can find a secular group denouncing all school prayer by any religion or denomination. For every person that champions gay marriage you can find someone against it.

These are not issues that are going away. They encompass our mindsets and ideology. They define some as left or right, liberal or conservative. Many are in the middle as they disagree or agree with positions on both sides. The greater farce presented by the media is the chances for compromise. Neither side sees any room for it.

Don’t like the animosity towards each other? Too bad. Denying reality serves no one. The media now exists to exploit these opinions and opposing view points. There is no longer such a thing as “impartial” news. Every commentators opinion is designed to reinforce network ideology and fuel your hatred towards the opposition. Are we reaching the point where only mutual tragedy can unite us?