It’s April 19th 2010. Tread lightly.

It’s just after 10 AM on April 19th.  A date near the top of the Dept. of Homeland Security’s domestic terrorist watch list.  Will we make it through the day without a major, newsworthy event spawned by anti-authority activism?

  • In 1995 Tim McVeigh blew up the Federal building in Oklahoma City killing 168 people including children in the buildings day care.
  • In 1993 the Branch Dividians burned themselves up, and took the lives of 20 children, ending a standoff against federal agents.
  • In 1992 Randy Weaver gave newspaper reporters an interview to state that he had not fired on Geraldo Rivera’s helicopter flying over his Ruby Ridge cabin, then surrounded by federal authorities who later killed his dog and 14 year old son.  The helicopter pilot himself, Richard Weiss, gave the FBI FD-302 interviews denying that Weaver fired on his helicopter.   Rivera’s false media reports of coming under fire became a large part of the justification later cited by federal agents when drawing up the Ruby Ridge Rules of Engagement, a major event spawning anti-federal activism.
  • In 1775 Minutemen in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts stood their ground against tax collectors sent by the King of England and the first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired.  Although Minuteman Captain John Parker orders the colonists not to fire unless fired upon to this day it’s not clear who shot first.  Modern day anti-federal activists use the anniversary of this event to represent justification for resistance to what is perceived as unjust government authority.

Let’s see what the rest of today brings.  Whatever the wingnuts do, let’s hope they keep the kids out of it next time.

Best politial forum comment this year…

Ask yourself this, when was the last time you thought seriously about a problem this country has (political, economic, health care, taxes etc) and found yourself changing your mind because you discovered some new fact you previously did not know or you arrived at a different understanding. If you can’t remember the last time this happened, then you are part of  America’s problem. Strict ideology has no place in a well run nation and that includes strict adherence to our constitution, a document that was written hundreds of years ago when society had no cars, planes, TV, internet, railroads, or anything else that makes up our modern world. Not to mention the fact that it permitted slavery and did not permit women or blacks to vote.” – Guest @