WRAL – Man accused in slaying over kid’s baseball bat accident

A guy shot another man dead in front of both their children.  And there are many gun advocates who argue the gun played no role.  The aging “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” argument.  This made me mad.  So this was my final post in a WRAL GOLO forum thread.  Please argue against this logic:

I would not be in support of stricter gun control if we could insure that all firearms that are manufactured fell into the hands of responsible citizens. Unfortunately this is not the case. The supply chain from the manufacturer to the end user / owner cannot be insured. It is now easier for a criminal to buy a stolen gun than it is for a law abiding citizen to buy a legal gun. But the stolen gun had to come from somewhere and it was undoubtedly from a “responsible” citizen. Or a corrupt gun dealer.

More criminals walk armed than there are law abiding citizens who want to. Therefore we are left with little choice but to enforce stricter controls and regulations upon the responsibility of firearm possession. In fact, it’s almost time to hold those criminally negligent who fail to protect a firearm from theft using every available proven resource. Currently even those with a history of mental illness can legally buy a gun. And the NRA argues that’s the way it should be.

Site Went Down – All appologies.

One of the pitfalls of hosting my own blog is trying to keep Time Warner at bay.  They got me and the site went down for a while as they haggled me about using Dynamic DNS for hosting public services against my consumer grade contract.  So I took an outage during negotiations to avoid paying over $200 a month for a Road Runner Business Class account.  time Warner didn’t budge so I took the site down for a while.

My AT&T DSL was installed Friday and I’ll be buying a modem later this week.  They were the same price and they gave me a static IP Address (no more Dynimic DNS hosting required).   I get 3MB down and 768K up.  That’s better upstream than I usually get with cable.  There maybe another site outage whileI work to get the new serviceon-line and my DNS changed over.  Sorry in advance.

In other news – Tiger may lose the 2008 US Open in a minute.  Yay!