It’s summer time again….

connorSo why am I so busy? Especially at work. I definately made one sacrifice leaving Dillon Supply and that was the moderately hectic Monday through Friday verses the all out chaos on any weekday at 1-800-Pack-Rat. I left on Friday at 6:15 and decided I would not do a thing involving Pack Rat over the weekend. We went to the beach yesterday. Connor got a little burned. So did I. Here’s a recap of the of the last two weeks outside of work:

The Hurricanes did not win the Stanley Cup (yet).

I bought a Cobra 460 SZ as discussed in the previous post. But I ended up finding a 10.5 degree (preferred) at Dicks SG where they sold it to me for the same price I could have bought it for on-line. I now own a pro driver again and I feel better.


Tiger Woods did not make the cut at the US Open. Which kicks a$$ because Phil Mickelson has been in his shadow for too long and Phil is by far the better player and has been for Tiger’s whole over-hyped career. Look out for Scott Adams in the future. He rocks. And I couldn’t beleive it when David Duvall made the cut into the weekend. Where’s he been?

We got a parking ticket in Wilmington. All so that we could park for a poorly cooked, over-priced meal at the Real Fish and Steak House. It’s cool to drink there but don’t eat. Go to the Dock Street Oyster Bar next door.

Now I have to go cut the grass on Father’s Day. That’s so that I can remain a father because the creatures in the wilderness we call a back yard might eat my child. It hasn’t been mowed since Memorial Day.

File under “Gotta have it…”

cobraNot long ago I bought a Bang 450 driver from ignoring all warnings about it’s open face. This was not smart considering I already have a mean fade (a pure slice really). So I was immediately hurt by the Bang’s tendency to go hard right without making every swing an intentional draw. Infuriated by this poor purchase I went in search of a more forgiving stick to redeem myself.

After hitting more than nine different drivers, some on sale and some not, today I found the one I felt most comfortable with as it has no disqualifying characteristics. Behold the Cobra 460 SZ (SZ for ‘Sweet Zone”…oh ya.)

Unlike the bargain priced Taylor Made 580xD it has a face that is 1 degree closed. I liked the Adams Redline RPM (a real sleeper and a bargain at $119) but I thought the shaft felt long only to find out it is indeed 46″. It’s a very forgiving club. I toyed with some Callaway Bertha’s, also fine clubs but never comfortable to me. I actually like the old Callaway’s better than the new stuff. And I hit another top contender, the Mizuno MX 500, by far the best looking club on the market.

There was one club I would have liked to hit but cannot find in stores anywhere, the Wilson Staff Dd5. It gets rave reviews for it’s shaft, accuracy and address at the ball. But I don’t think there’s a dealer in NC and I’ll be d@mned if I’m going to buy another club I can’t hit first after the Bang disaster.

So out of all the clubs I could hit the Cobra SZ is by far the most complete for me. But there’s one problem. They’re only being sold as manufacturer’s closeout items right now and finding one is difficult. has a 9 degree regular shaft on sale for $199. If my pennies come together fast enough, I own one. If not I will continue my quest.