Just another Friday.

I made it through my first week of a new job. There’s a lot to be done and a lot of planning required but nothing is broken requiring constant, emergency attention. We’re building, not fixing. It makes for a enjoyable environment. Some of the things that I’ll be doing soon include transitioning a 2003 Small Business Server to individual domain server components, building a new 2003 Exchange server and migrating the existing mailboxes, installing new AD servers and terminal server licensing servers, and putting some new 3Com TippingPoint VPN concentrators in place to bump up the VPN tunnel count while integrating SNMP monitoring. No rocket science, just some straight forward tasks that if planned correctly will be simple and painless.

On to other topics since the new job info’s getting stale: Amy loves her new job at Jefferson Pilot Financial. We went out to lunch today an discussed the timing of our next baby. She may want to work into next year before getting pregnant again. It will help if Connor’s a little closer to kindergarten too. Connor is the big man now. He really thinks he’s about 16 now that he’s in a big boy bed and getting potty trained. He can actually sit at the kitchen counter in the morning and have a little conversation with us. Every morning he tells me about the dreams he had. It’s so cute it’ll almost make you cry. But he’s still suckin’ his thumb and carrying around his blanky. He won’t go to day care without it. And lollipops and Elmo are the most important things in the world.

My last day with Dillon Supply

I started off my last day at Dillon Supply by going to get a CT Scan at Wake Radiology Consultants. Crohn’s is beating me up again. The barium suspension they gave me for the test sent my stomach into flips for the rest of the morning. I wasn’t okay until my sister brought me some medicine around 2:00. Then I struggled through a shower and went to get the last of my stuff from Dillon.

When I got there they had already disabled my access badge so I went in through the storefront. I had a long conversation with Mike about some recent technical decisions in my last days and how they were handled. All I can say now is that after all this it sounds like they’re getting straightened out.