The $tate Fair

So I broke down and wagered Connor’s college fund against the NC State Fair yesterday. Mostly just to see his face when he rode the flying Bumble Bee’s and kiddie swings. And I committed a serious sin that almost ruined it for Amy – I did not remember to bring a camera. But seriously – I got away lucky and only spent about $60 in just under four hours! Let’s recap:

Parking – $5
Admission (2 adults) – $12
2 corn dogs – 1 hotdog – 2 drinks – $12
Fried Dough w/ strawberries – $8
20 ride tickets – $15
Cotton Candy and Candy Apples – $7

Total financial impact for 4 hours of traffic, heartburn, crowds and 2 rides = $59. But Connor loved the rides and Cotton Candy so I officially declare it justified.

It’s easy to see that the amount of time that can be spent at the State Fair is directly proportional to the depth of one’s wallet. $59 could have almost gotten us into Busch Gardens because Connor’s admission is free!

One busy year.

I just realized this blog turned one today. I was cruzin’ through it to recap some of the events that took place because this eventually turned out to be one of the best years ever (despite a rough start and Dubya being re-elected):

This is a whole lot considering just two years ago Amy and I were living in an apartment on a college campus and I was playing the drums in a steadily performing band until 3am several nights a week. Now if we don’t get to bed by 11 the whole next day is shot to hell.

Back On-line

This morning I got my cable modem back on-line. Obviously the DynDNS update completed successfully or you wouldn’t be visiting. Wednesday DirecTV will be out to hook up a new dish and the last of the utilities will be transferred.

We are living out of boxes for now. Moving is just plain painful. But my new office is a huge 16’x18′. It’s the biggest room in the house, Connor’s new playroom being second at 16 feet square. The boys get the big playrooms. Mom gets the downstairs. I made her kitchen look like a Starbucks so she should be in heaven.