My First Cousin Once Removed

imageI had to Google this one. My first cousin Richie just had the second boy in the latest Singleton generation. That makes Ian Singleton my first cousin once removed. Now the Singleton clan will not just live on but may flourish. I hear Ian looks just like his grandfather on his mothers side. Rich and his wife Karen are both Doctors. Right now he’s doing his surgical intern in PA. Even with Amy staying at home Connor keeps us busy. I can’t imagine how they’re going to find the time but I’m sure they will. Unlike us they’re pretty organized and resourceful. We rely on controlled chaos.

Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon?

Ron Howard and his casting crew got it wrong leaving it open for debate as to who should’ve been cast in this role. Tom Hanks might be a box office draw but the only thing he can possible do in this role is draw this movie down. Robert Langdon, suave, sophisticated professor of symbology he ain’t. I didn’t buy him as a hard nose Captain in Private Ryan either. To me Tom Hanks has always peformed best in sweet, goofy roles like his characters in Big and You’ve Got Mail.

It’s still pre-production Ron – save the film while you can. Obviously I don’t want to see Tom Hanks in The Davinci Code. I want to believe I am watching Langdon on-screen. We need someone more unkown that we can tie to our image of the character. Otherwise you might sell a couple more tickets, but in the end the whole film will just be a sell out.

A few suggestions of more believable choices for this role would have been:

Aidan Quinn

Matthew McConaughey

Mike suggested Jeff Goldblum

Arch Madness

imageThe final four starts tonight in St. Louis. This reminded me I was there almost one year ago exactly. I imagine a lot of the rich fans and players will be staying in the same hotel P21 holds their annual conference in. I can’t even remember the name of it but it’s right next door to the St. Louis Waldorf.

Carolina’s in it again so there are scrolling TV announcements notifying everyone that several streets will be cosed in Chapel Hill tonight. That might be important tonight (if they can beat Michigan) but won’t be in the championship game. If my dad is right I doubt anyone will beat Louisville.image

My prediction (wrong!):

Louisville over Illinois
Carolina over Michigan

Louisville beats Carolina in the final.