How screwed up is Ticketmaster?

I can’t make sense of how to buy tickets from them much less understand the prices. I heard Train was coming to Time Warner Pavillion (Walnut Creek) on Saturday the 17th. Sure nuff’, their website says so.

I hit the “click here to buy tickets” link on the Train website to check the price. I was taken to a Ticketmaster page for the John Mayer concert at Walnut Creek on Saturday the 17th. Same date, different artist. So is Train opening for Mayer? Vice-versa? No mention of Train on the Ticketmaster page. No mention of John Mayer on the Train website. WTF?

So I clicked the Ticketmaster “pick your seats” link. This is when I almost fell out of my chair. Two tickets, in the cheap seats: $169.00! OMFG.


Just the other day I was reading a NY Times article about how concert ticket sales are in the dirt this year because of cost. No wonder. I wouldn’t spend that to see John Mayer and Train including back stage passes. Never mind Ticketmaster doesn’t even make it clear who is performing. Turns out it is both. Mayer’s “taking Train for some of the ride”.

It is unbelievable what’s happened since Ticketmaster and Live Nation merged. From what I understand the artists aren’t even making much money off the shows. The venues, Ticketbastards and Screw the Nation are raking in millions for each show. Now I don’t care who is performing.