Click n’ Clack in their Element

Click and Clack, the Tappet brothers, love the Honda Element.  I’m not sure you understand.  It’s a bad fascination and obsession with the Honda Element.  I’ve never heard a caller dial into their show, Car Talk, asking for a vehicle recommendation that these guys didn’t recommend the Element, a vehicle in contention for being the ugliest on the road.

Need a car to haul a dog?  They recommend the “Hawnda Element”.

Need a car to commute around town that’s good on gas?  “Hawnda Element”.

Heed a car to teach your kid to drive? “Hawnda Element”.

Need a new cab? I bet I know what they’re going to say: “Hawnda Element”.

What about a car to jump across the Grand Canyon?  “Hawnda Element”.

Yes, the Hawnda Element, the Swiss Army knife of vehicles to suit any purpose.  Well, at least as long as Honda keeps sending the checks.

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