At work all night.

Tonight I am stuck at Dillon Supply – blog at the ready. We got hit by a morning snow shower that lasted until 3 p.m. The two inches of accumulation wasn’ t really the problem but the freezing roads caused five and six hour traffic delays. Obviously I didn’t want Amy coming to try to get me in the Mustang so I waited… and waited… and waited… FOR WHAT? I ain’t going anywhere.

So a little while ago I’m roaming the halls in the dark and what do ya know, Larry Thomas the Raleigh branch manager is still here. Said he’s here for the duration. Next thing I know Ed Todd, the Accounts Receivables manager, shows up in the bathroom to brush his teeth. Said he made it two blocks in one hour so he turned around.

It doesn’t suck here. I have a 3MB Internet connection to myself, a vending machine and a toothbrush. Roll on…

But I’m missin’ my buddy Connor tonight. I love him more than I can squeez him. Amy too. A picture of Connor playing in the snow was on wral.com today in the January 19th snow photos.

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