Lynchburg, VA

imageOver the river and through the woods…last Saturday we took an eventful trip to Lynchburg. At the beginning of our travels we got stuck behind the Creedmore, NC Christmas parade (think bumbkin) and then near Amherst, VA we watched a dump truck push a car up a highway embankment just 100 yards in front of us. The car came down, hit a pole and rolled on to it’s side. I stopped momentarily but then went after the dump truck which hauled a$$ outta dodge.

Once we finally arrived it was a pretty routine visit to grandma’s house. Everything within Connor’s reach was breakable so Amy and I spent the entire time keeping him away from the antiques. It’s amazing that a table can be full of dozens of objects and somehow he picks up the sharp one or the glass one. Luckily his new favorite word is “outside”.

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