End the Fed

“In 1910 Rockefeller and Morgan banking representatives, along with government officials, boarded a luxurious railcar owned by Nelson Aldrich, Senator from Rhode Island, who became quite wealthy representing the interests of the moneyed class. They were journeying from New Jersey to Jekyll Island, Georgia for a secret conference at which “the Federal Reserve was conceived; the birth of a banking cartel to protect its members from competition; the strategy of how to convince Congress and the public that this cartel was an agency of the United States government.”– The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin

Then they went on to fund the establishment of central banks in Japan and Germany following World War II.  John F. Kennedy was wise to their game and worked diligently to end the Federal Reserve up until the convenient timing of his controversial assassination.   I’m no conspiracy theorist but you’ve got to admit that for all the vague ballistics evidence that pointed to Oswald a motive for his actions have never been made clear.

Everyone fears the Federal Reserve.  Legislators, the judicial system and local and international governments alike bow to their whims without scrutiny into the depths of their intent.  Why do we still have the Fed?  Because they said so.  Why does it take an act of Congress (and almost and act of God) to regulate the actions private banks take with lending terms, creative finances and disclosure of their activities with investor deposits?  Because they said so.

America is a society producing little or nothing trying to trade paper to substantiate our liquidity.  As real estate prices drops the few liquid assets we still have become of less and less value.  The Fed and the markets are trying to reinvent liquidity through investment.  Problem is there’s nothing at home to invest in.  So banks need revenue.  Where are they going to get it?  By gouging their customers, meaning the consumer credit base, as much as possible in the coming years.

You are a slave to maintaining you bank account and credit card balances.  Who among us thinks that consumer credit does not hold sway over daily life?  FICO score anyone?  The banks have come to require your allegiance for everything from renting an apartment to getting a job.  Of course, your FICO score won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on once everyone is down and out, unable to pay.  The so called deadbeats are increasing exponentially.

How do we combat it?  Simple.  Pay off credit cards and cut them up.  This is the same way, the only way, there is to beat drug dealers.  Destroy the demand for the product.  This is the only way out of our recession which will be a established period of deflation by the beginning of 2010.

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