A long absence.

I’ve taken my longest absence in 18 years from this blog. Work, life. Mostly work being a completely horrible existence. Five years since the Garland Company bought Trimaco to merge with Surface Shields and while things are finally underway, it’s about three years slow. Everything about Garland is slow. Their executive staff cedes decisions to those without experience, they use third parties to the detriment of efficiency and the bottom line. It’s genuinely a horrible place to exist now and change is inevitable. I haven’t changed my income path for a over a decade and now I’m feeling the Millennial trend, quit.

I’ve learned this new entity doesn’t care about my experience, expertise or efficiency or value brought to the company. They promote happily disingenuous “Yes” men. Anyone who will say “yes” regardless the deficiency of any decision. No longer worried about customer service or delivery of a quality product on-time, this new company’s polishing turds. This is why I appreciate working for Engineering and Architectural firms, they have to get it right, on-time and stand behind their product. Too many other industries rely on internal timelines or none at all, appeasing only sales associates as they pat each other on the back for another record quarter, while no one delivers on what they’re selling. It’s a national epidemic.

I’m now charged with securing and deploying apps on a production network as a third party actively removes administrative capabilities from my team, reduces network security and they have the audacity to keep my title “Manager”. I’ve done nothing but cede to misguided marching orders for 4 years. We literally could have had these companies merged had it not been for 4 years of inaction or bad results from a third party vendor to which the Garland Companies have sworn a blood oath (or a silent investment).

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