Are you still listening to Dr. Anthony Fauci? Why?

In early January 2020 Dr. Anthony Fauci told Newsmax TV that the United States “did not have to worry” about the Coronavirus and it “was not a major threat”. It was determined I contracted COVID-19 on or near January 22nd 2020.

Let’s see what else Dr. Fauci was irrefutably confident but ultimately incorrect about:

  • In February 2020 Fauci compared the new novel Corona virus to “a bad flu”.
  • February 29th 2020 Fauci said “malls, gyms and movies are okay”.
  • March 2020 Fauci based spread predictions on models that were off by millions and later told reporters “You can’t rely on models” when his doomsday numbers didn’t materialize.
  • On March 9th 2020 Fauci told America “Cruises are okay”. Still the Oracle.
  • Fauci was also wrong about when the first patient in the US died. He said Feb. 29th. It was Feb 6th 2020.
  • Fauci used The Imperial Model very late in the game to argue that the US should shut down only after repeating the CDC’s claim that masks were not necessary. The Imperial Model has been determined to be a complete fraud, it predicted 2.2 million US deaths in the first year of the virus. To date we’re at 593,167. Fauci’s fear mongering “science” was only off by 75%.
  • April 2020 he warned Georgia that the virus would “rebound” with catastrophic effects if the state reopened so soon. The exact opposite happened. He recommended that Georgia not reopen their schools. The infection rate dropped, kids went back to school with no major outbreaks. The Georgia economy opened and thrived.
  • But he hadn’t learned. In April 2021 Fauci warned Texas of the same catastrophic consequences he predicted for Georgia if they dropped their mask mandate and reopened the economy without restrictions. Texas cases are still on the decline. Fauci’s public reply was “the Coronavirus can be confusing”. He made it easy for his critics to let that comment stand all by itself.

The only one really confused is Fauci, and he’s making other people confused too. He never had the absolute answers continuously espoused from his CNN soap box. To this very day Fauci doesn’t genuinely know how this virus is transmitted or if masks really made any difference. People coddle Fauci’s words because they think he’s Dr. Grandaddy looking out for them, comforting their fear with his heart felt “guidance”. An abundance of caution may have been his intent but at what costs?

And now come the “Yeah but” responses from those who remain in denial and can’t admit the their hard mask and gathering controls are backed by inconsistent bullshit. Ardent maskers are having to come to terms with the fact most people will be taking them off soon.

But Fauci? Why is anyone still listening to this guy like some kind of Pandemic Prophet when it’s hard to find one thing he’s gotten right? Any of us can get on CNN and make guesses about what we think is going to happen next.

I may use caution and post these facts on some social media sites but they will likely be removed, my accounts potentially suspended not because they contain any inaccurate information what-so-ever. It’s just information that doesn’t sit well with staunch advocates of the Pandemic Panic Agenda.

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