Google downgraded Android call blocking features. No more blocking “Numbers not in Contacts”.

Up until Android 10 Google had an option in the Phone settings under “Blocked Numbers” to toggle an option to reject all calls from “Numbers not in Contacts”.  For some reason unknown to Zeus, Buddha and the Gods of Valhalla they’ve removed this feature.  Due to licensing restrictions put in place by Google last year no third party apps can access Android contacts leaving no way at all to block all calls that are not in contacts.

Hate to think that as someone who’s only used Android except for a short stint with an iPhone 6 that I might have to look at an iPhone 11.  This is a serious issue Google and with the world of robocalls and junk calling it’s one you should not have taken so lightly.  If you don’t bring it back I could see a marginal exodus from Android phones because this is a very heavily relied upon feature for most of us.  The ability to block an individual number is completely useless because of NPA-NXX spoofing, the robocalls and spam calls never come from the same number twice.

Now I spend all day swiping to reject calls for “Affordable health insurance” and notices that my “car warranty has expired” on vehicles I don’t even own.  I won’t tolerate this long.  You have about a month to push an update with the option to block all calls from numbers not in my contacts or allow third party app developers access to the contacts so they can support the feature.  Otherwise I will just have to get used to an iPhone.  Yeah, it matters that much.

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