Yahoo is a bastion of old white trash, rednecks, fascists and deplorables.

Word is spreading about the place to hang out on-line if your a hyper-nationalist, fascist, hate the environment and enjoyed your 90’s listening to Rush Limpballs spread his Oxycontin driven madness during lunch while getting mad in a pickup truck.  If you’re a proud redneck and consider being twangy white trash a virtue, the Yahoo comments section is the place for you.  It’s a blissfully ignorant vacation from the Fox Entertainment Trump Propaganda network.  A land of dictator lovers and Russian admirers, racists one and all.  A true hive of low educated, low credit, truck driving inbreds who think the mid west is the “heartland”, not a vast wasteland of white trash hate to be avoided at all costs.  Fly over, don’t even drive through it.

A place where country music shitards and angry gun toting tough guys assemble with flag wearing Nazi’s and near geriatric angry old men to complain about brown skin and spew about how bad they want a border wall.   They’re the most disgusting people around us who think that by beating the other worst Presidential candidate in US history they are “winning” despite their King Drumpf winning only 27% of the votes from all eligible US voters.  Math isn’t their strong suit so they’ll never calculate 73% of eligible voters did not support their ignorant fool who saluted North Korean military officials giving them the best propaganda footage their state run media has ever acquired.  Then he commented about how he wants Americans to “sit up” and listen to him the way North Koreans are forced into patriotism.  Yes, Yahoo.  The place to be if you’re an angry, racist baby boomer looking to blame your life failures on anything and anyone other than yourself.  Truly a deplorable place for deplorables to reinforce each others fantasies of success.  Yet, they’re still loosers.  Always will be.

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