Seems our Sqaure point of sale account was breached. Worse? Square does not care.

Furthermore, under their flawed account security design you have no recourse if your account is breached. Per Square they “do not have an account” under the email address we have used since day 1 with Square to access our account as recently as October 23rd. Now when we try to log in the account is just gone. Canceled? Not quite. Our phones can still access the account if they have not been signed out. Strange.

I tried to call Square but guess what, they won’t talk to you unless you can log into your account to get your “customer code”. Well what if you can’t log in to the damn account?!? Nope, can’t get on the phone. Chat support? You’re joking right. When was the last time a chat support bot or operator actually solved a problem? Next I get an email from Square claiming they do not have an account under they email address they are sending the email to. Well then someone breached the account or there is an issue on the Square end preventing us from accessing the account. I am even beginning to think this was an intentional act on the part of Square and if we have to get the bank involved we will also be getting lawyers involved. Square seems to have no interest in our warning that our account “has been breached”! In fact, beyond one lame information gathering email they seem to have no interest what-so-ever in restoring access to our account.

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