Hillary Clinton may lose and Democrats will blame everyone but themselves.

More information keeps emerging confirming the DNC’s predetermined coronation of Hillary Clinton as the party’s Presidential nominee.  Debbie Shutlz, in all of her arrogance, set forth an agenda to nominate the only Democratic candidate imaginable who may not be able to beat Donald Trump, the other worst Presidential candidate of all time.  Party line liberals, the partisans, are doing themselves no favors with the angry, arrogant claims that independents must vote for Clinton because the alternative’s so much worse.  Let me be very clear and not mince words:  No voter is under any obligation to cast a ballot for a candidate they do not support.  <- Now read that again.

The argument put forth from Hillary supporters (notice I did not say from the left as many on the left do not support Clinton) is that “not voting for Hillary is a vote for Trump”.  No, not voting for Clinton is a vote not earned by Clinton.  It is not equal to a vote for her opposition.  That’s called a false equivalency.   A lie.  The truth is Trump will win because of votes he receives from supporters.  Trump’s supporters will turn out, Republican’s vote.  They also do not cross party lines easily to “hold their nose” and vote for the party’s opposition.  Those in the GOP who do not support Trump will stay home.  However we are learning about many Democrats who do plan to cross party lines and vote for Trump.  Regardless of this being the result of policy position or in opposition to Clinton, Democrats already want to label any progressive not casting a Clinton vote a “BernieBot” or “Bernie Bro”.  Whatever childish accusation makes them feel better.  Fact still remains, Clinton hasn’t EARNED their vote.  Now go back and read the last two sentences of my first paragraph.

The amusing arrogance of Clinton supporters is doing them no good either.  Denial, insult, acting as if it’s some civic duty to vote against a candidate instead of for one.  All childish antics akin to crying so they’ll get their way.  Instead of presenting details to create support for Clinton their playground behavior amounts to “vote for her or else”!  Or else what?  Or else we get meltdown right instead of meltdown left?  What they are completely failing to understand, what their partisan blinders are not allowing them to see, is that a whole lot of people despise Clinton as much as Trump.  Oh no!  How could that be?  Worse than the perceived doofus, racist, Antichrist?   Yes.  Clinton is a maniacal liar of centurion proportions already sold to Wall Street interests.   A foreign policy failure.  Please pursuit all arguments of Republican witch hunts and manufactured crusades.  Thinking people realize it’s not all bullshit.  The woman’s made mad foreign policy mistakes.  She jeopardized national security in “bad judgement… for her convenience”.   Who the hell cares who did it before without scrutiny.  Several past wrongs by others don’t make her pathetic decisions okay.

We will go through this election and Clinton supporters will emerge flabbergasted that Trump will be sworn in as President instead of the DNC’s anointed one.  They will blame independents for not turning out.  They will blame their “BernieBots”.  They will blame anyone and everything but themselves for not putting forth a suitable candidate.  No, that does not mean Bernie Sanders.  They had a large pool of qualified Democrats to choose from.  Debbie Shultz chose to anoint Hillary Clinton as the DNC’s candidate.  “The end of civilization” as Trump’s ghost writer recently put it?  Maybe so.  Trump could have been averted.   Democrats and the Democratic National Committee are responsible for putting forth Hillary Clinton as their Presidential nominee.  Not those who do not support her.  Own it.  Do not blame others for the results of your ongoing bad judgement.

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