Going to get a new frame and it will NOT be BB30. PF30 bottom brackets creak.

BB30 and PF30 bottom brackets… The darlings of carbon frame manufacturers. The excuse is they allow for the use of larger downtube layups. Bullshit says I. They allow for less expensive manufacturing processes at the expense of creaking bottom brackets worldwide. Leaving the expense of threading to the PF30 bottom bracket manufacturers. I had an aluminum Jamis Dakota mountain bike frame that was BB30 and never could stop the creaking. Flash forward a year and everyone I know, even the top riders in the RTP area complain about the incessant creaking and maintenance.

Problem is almost all the manufactures of carbon frames have elected to go on the cheap. Same goes for the Shimano BB92 press fit. Nothing will be pressed into my frame but the headset cups (assuming it’s non-integrated). So I’ve started look at steel, like Gunnar. eBay has a few barely used CX frames that are carbon and threaded, but used. Doesn’t really matter what I have to resort to I don’t want to deal with the headache of BB30/PF30 maintenance on a cross bike any more than I want to deal with the hassle of disc brakes. I leave those to mountain bikes where they really do make a difference. Never had a problem stopping with canti’s on my CX. Old school? Nope. Just not high maintenance.

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