Thank you Donald Trump

I will finally take the time to thank the political circus for Donald Trump.  We’ve been missing “real dialog” in the conversation for so long we’ve forgotten what it is: brash insults and angry rhetoric full of empty, inaccurate assertions and a healthy dose of whimsical, unrealistic governing strategies designed to draw applause from the beaten, hurting, insulted and stepped on white folk.  Most of the applause is reserved for his passive-aggressive hatred of brown skin.

Yes the political arena, specifically the Tea Party, was running out of terse assholes.  I feared the comic relief was over.  Intellectualism was making a comeback for Christ’s sake!  We’ll have NONE of it.  The highly educated, southern rocket surgeons don’t like them big words.  Impressively they flock to the angriest white guy despite a noticeable absence of God-n-guns.  What’s he thinking?  If he really wants to get this campaign going he’ll call for the immediate execution of abortion doctors and arming 2nd graders for their own safety.

There hasn’t been quite enough fear mongering Donald.  I mean who’s genuinely afraid of illegal immigrants?  Sure angry, white, hill licks don’t like tan skin but it’s not enough to justify “one shot, one kill”.  We need a genuine Mexican terrorist threat Don.  Conjure one up for us billion boy.  Your sideshow is waning and we lust for new material.

America deserves a narcissistic reality TV star as the leader of the “free world” (well equipped survey teams were dispatched to search for this implied “freedom” but we fear they’ve been kidnapped by Goldman Sachs).  Since the thought process of the average America now ranks lower than Honey Boo-boo reruns a pretentious windbag who knows precisely jack shit about governing while being praised for his wealth is a perfect fit.  Who needs international foreign diplomacy when you have so many short minded insults ready.

Since this blog has a history of pointing out upcoming social and political disasters, such as the embarrassment nationalizing Romneycare would become, I am doing the GOP a favor.  Through this post I am helping the unthinkable, ridiculous and absurd become reality.  That’s right America, there is a possibility Donald Fucking Trump could become President of the United States.  If you don’t think that’s a problem then please recognize you are part of it.

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