Massachusetts Makes Health Insurance Mandatory

Hopefully this won’t start a horrifying trend. I am not opposed to discussions about Universal Health Care but passing laws at the state level which dictate that small businesses owners must make it available and individuals are responsible for having it is nothing but a great big victory for the health insurance companies and health care corporations.

This is an ill-conceived, stupid plan by ass-hats who have no idea what a burden this will place on many families. They will claim that state and federal funds will assist those with financial hardships. The truth is that to qualify for such programs you will only be able to have a part time job making $8 an hour to fall below the federal poverty level. Those families making $35K to $65K a year struggling to pay the mortgage and two car payments so they can get back and forth to work will not qualify and this will directly tap into their budget for genuine life necessities. All so a state government can dictate what’s best for them to do with their money.

DO NOT let laws like this fool you. This is not a group of legislators looking out for the best interest of their constituency. They are mearly trying to make sure that hospitals get paid when the uninsured can’t. At the same time they pacify the health insurance industry by providing them a state mandated revenue stream. Mitt Romney, you sir are an ass. And as a corporate “playa” an easy target for the corporate lobbies that are responsible for having these laws passed.

They are hoping the people of Massachusetts are stupid enough to beleive they are looking out for their best interest. And maybe you are on a few occassions. But in this instance corporations have gotten laws passed to increase their revenue streams.

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