CBS Blocked Dish Network over the hopper.

CBS has blocked Dish Network. READ THAT AGAIN. CBS blocked Dish. It is NOT the other way around as the media outlets would like you to believe. The misinformation spread by CBS, FOX and other media outlets is appalling as they continue to say “Dish blocked CBS”. Liars and damned liars.

You can get these local stations for free with a antenna. They charge Dish to carry this otherwise free programming. What they don’t like is the technology Dish offers to skip commercials, the hopper. This cuts into what CBS can charge for advertising. Specifically drug commercials, otherwise known as the evening news.

I am going to personally retype this about 40 times today because it is time these media moguls quit fabricating news and telling their continuous lies to mislead the public. This is a revenue grab by the networks, not the carriers. Share the truth. Otherwise people believe the PR execs at these lying affiliates and it will only embolden them to force all carriers to include their drug commercials despite technology advances that allow us to skip yet another damned Viagra ad.

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