The best thing about the 11-07-2006 election results…

Was not that we can potentially start focusing on domestic issues more than foreign failures. It wasn’t the fact that we can stop arguing about the validity of electronic voting machines. Hell, it wasn’t even that the left created such vaccum on the right that Rumsfeld was finally asked to exit stage left. It was because this election decision was aided by the votes of the highest number of 18-29 year olds to ever vote in a modern, mid-term election. Today websites are full of gloats from many who “won” the first election they ever voted in.

This was too quickly overlooked by the media with only brief mention by CNN in one morning segment. Didn’t enough incumbents learn in the early 70’s that if you agitate enough college students with an unpopular war you’re going to cause a movement? It may not be big enough to run on it’s own but combined with enough disgruntled veteran voters you’re just gonna get voted out of office. So while Ultra Conservatives were busy trying to get enough camoflauge hats and bibles to the polls, the Democrats did just that, plus a silent mob of enraged youth arrived for the only thing they’ve committed to waking up in time for in the past two years and changed the face of congress. Go drink a keg, you earned it.

This election should prove to all future candidates and representatives elect that partisan politics and corrupt shrugs at the opposition does not validate the perceived notion that the public is clueless in the face of Washington arrogance. Regardless of party affiliation our idea of effective leadership is not all that different. Go forth and take care of the issues that matter to the public at large, the majority, for the greater good. Avoid idealistic crusades for any vocal minority and above all be prepared to admit to your mistakes and appologize publically. This takes more pride and earns more respect, nationally and internationally, than trying to “stay the course” to save face when the course clearly has no positive resolve (put in more troops or take them out – just do something).

But don’t take it from me. Listen to the greatest number of modern young voters to ever disapprove of the leadership from our elected representatives.

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